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Personal Finance Software

Do you need to make better decisions about your personal finances? Do you struggle keeping track of your spending and investments? Personal finance software can provide you with a sophisticated suite of financial calculators and tools to take the worry and frustration out of managing your personal finances.

Let’s face it. Not everyone has the mindset or attitude of a bookkeeper or accountant. If you are not highly organized and disciplined managing your finances, investments and paying bills can become overwhelming and a very time-consuming task.

Personal finance software is easy to use and it can transform your financial situation by helping you gain control of your investments, budget, debt, spending and even help you identify immediate savings.
Here are just a few of the things that a good personal finance management software can do for you:

1. Categorization of all your spending
2. Automatically develop and manage a budget based on your spending patterns
3. Track the performance of your investments
4. Provide secure online access to all of your bank, credit card and investment accounts
5. Pay bills and make electronic payments
6. Calculate your net worth
7. Track your 401K
8. Receive real time stock reports
9. Graph your spending and investments
10. Create a personal financial statement
11. Export tax information
12. Find the best credit card, bank , mortgage and brokerage account deals based on your spending patterns
13. Help you plan for retirement
14. Provide reminders for bill payments
15. SMS for real time investment portfolio management
16. Help you with a plan to get out of debt sooner

Personal finance software is an important part of understanding and making intelligent financial decisions. Finance calculators

May 24

Securing Your Financial Future

What Have We Learned From Madoff?

It has been a few years since the investment mogul, (Bernard Madoff), was caught in the midst of what has been stated as the largest and most elaborate Ponzi scheme to date. As a result of his demise, the world received an eye opening experience of the U.S. financial community. Now, more financial scams are finding their way into discovery because of the careful eye of the now informed consumer. Nonetheless, there are those who have not really caught on to what the signs are that indicate the possibility of a rip off.

There are underlying indications that, if they are not noticed, can lead the unaware investor down a path of great displeasure and loss. Whether you are a young investor or a soon to be retired person there are ways that financial advisers attempt to take advantage of an investor so they can earn more money. What is needed before entering into any type of agreement with a financial advisor or even an insurance agent is to ensure their credibility and their track record. Stating this means, just because someone has a series of letters behind their name does not mean they are what or who they say they are. In the case of a financial advisor, they should hold a registration with either the SEC, (Securities Exchange Commission), FINRA, (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) or CFP, (Certified Financial Planner board), to name a few.

Questions to Raise

When dealing with an investment broker, advisor, or agent, how certain questions are answered can point out reasons not to work with those individuals. For instance, asking them what methods of compensation they work with, fee-based, or commission, as such if they outright refuse to discuss or even hurry through their explanation, this gives just cause to walk away

May 22

Useful Personal Finance Tips That Everyone Can Use

Everybody has to monitor with their personal finances, it’s just a fact of life. Even kids, who only get an allowance, have to think about how and when to spend that money best. However, when the money you have to manage is much more substantial, it can become overwhelming and confusing to manage it effectively. This article contains some helpful tips to help you organize and budget your personal finances.

Regard any mistake you made with your finances as a lesson learned. Get out of your current situation if it is not a good one, and learn from your mistakes. If you have sold your time for far less than its value in the past, vow never to do it again as you move forward. When talking about your own finances, it’s best to treat each lesson as a valuable one. If you’ve made financial mistakes in the past, use them as learning experiences to improve your future decisions.ns.

Carry an envelope with you at all times. Tuck receipts and any cards you pick up from businesses you like into the envelope. You want to hold on to these so you have a record later. If you are ever double charged by your credit card company, you will had the prove needed to get the duplicate charge removed.

You should have a savings account set up in case of emergencies. Your savings goals might be paying off debt or setting up a college fund.

Acquiring bulk packages of lean protein can save both money and time. It will always save you money if you can buy in bulk as long as you are able to use all that you purchased. Grill up plenty of chicken in advance, then you’ll have it ready for several days’ worth of quick meals.

Most new products already come with

May 21

Axis Bank Credit Card

Axis bank credit card in India gives too many benefits and advantages, so that people in India can think that credit cards are very beneficial. People in India think that credit cards indulge in debts and financial crises.

When you have an urgent requirement of money you can use Axis bank credit card and repay the amount in installments through Axis bank credit card payment online facility. Axis bank credit card statement keeps you updated on all your spending and other financial transaction. With Axis bank credit card statement you can manage your money efficiently. Axis bank credit card statement helps you to make your saving as you can control your spending when you are reaching to your credit limit.

Axis bank credit card payment online is safe and you can enjoy making payments seating at anywhere. Axis bank credit card payment plans are unique with different types of interest rates for different amounts. With Axis bank credit card statement and unique Axis bank credit card payment, Axis Bank Credit Card becomes leading marketer of credit cards in Indian banking sector.

Popular Axis bank credit card in the market is Axis Bank Gold plus Credit Card, Axis Bank Platinum Credit Card, Axis Bank Silver Credit Card, Axis Bank Secured Credit Card, and Axis Bank Corporate Credit Card. Applying for Axis bank credit card is very easy, you just have to fill up the form along with correct details about yourself then submit the form. If you have provided all the correct details then you will get your Axis bank credit card.

Axis bank credit card are available at low interest rates and you can find that when you will be doing the Axis bank credit card payment. Extra points and discounts can be seen in your

May 21

Axis Bank Home Loan

Axis Bank is one of the best renowned and reliable private bank in India. Axis bank was also known as UTI Bank. Home loan offered by Axis bank is having high demand. Axis Bank home loans with its power-packed features make your dream home a reality.

The attractive rate of interest, minimum documentation, door step service, assure hassle-free processing, property counseling, easy repayment options, secured document storage and many other striking features made Axis the most preferred bank for Home Loans.With the help of Axis Bank home loan many people are able to make true their dream of owning a sweet home where they can spend their all life in peace and pleasure.

Axis bank offers loan in both type of property either commercial or residential at the same time the Bank serves home loan to salaried, self-employed businessman & self employed professionals. Axis bank is offering you home loan in a very easy rates of interest at the same time the bank is also giving you choice of repaying the loan by floating interest rates and fixed interest rates.

Axis bank is committed to its all borrowers to offer them the most flexible and easy home loan. The Bank is also providing its services along with the team of experts and professionals who are always trying to provide best services to its clients in case of loan.

The Bank has to do verification before sanctioning the desired loan of clients. The motto of this bank verification is very simple bank just want to be confirm that it is not providing money to any wrong purpose or cause. The criteria of doing this verification are simple and easy. Axis Bank judges its clients in its own way. The dealing out and executive fees cover all these expenses. After

May 20

How To Submit Winning Offers For Bank Owned Properties

Bank owned properties are very popular types of home foreclosures especially among investors and buyers who are prudent in their real estate purchases. This is primarily because bank foreclosures are known to be the safest foreclosures investment since banks can deliver lien-free titles to the buyers. Aside from this, you can also buy a lot of bank properties that are significantly priced below market value. But since the real estate market is becoming tougher due to the rising demand for cheap properties for sale, finding the right property is only half your task.

Prepare Your Documents

When submitting offers for bank owned properties, it is important that you submit complete documents. Purchasing bank foreclosures entail a lot of paperwork and to gain an edge in real estate investing, you have to cut corners where you can. An incomplete document or a missed out detail can cause your papers to be stashed underneath piles of other offers from other interested buyers.

Respond Quickly

Sometimes, the banks REO manager will need to get in touch with you to clarify some information or detail contained in your application. You have to be ready to answer these questions as soon as possible. If you are not able to respond swiftly to the banks call, it is likely that other bids will be given preferential treatment over yours. If you find that you need help in responding to the banks communication requests, you may hire a qualified real estate agent or broker to handle your responses.

Do Not Haggle

While banks, in some instances, may be willing to shoulder some repair cost, it is a settled rule that you do not make any request from the bank to handle repairs or any other additional cost until after they have accepted your offer. This is to ensure that when bidding for

May 20

The Market Is Nervous – Are You Nervous

Okay, so 2014 stock market has gotten off to a shaky start. There have been several down cycles – one after another. Memories of the market melt-down of 2008 are surfacing. It’s funny how the painful memories are so much stronger than the pleasant memories.

But let’s recall a few of those memories – painful and pleasant. The downward slide was scary – not knowing where the bottom was. It took nerves of steel to stay the course.

As a financial advisor, I told my clients, you can get out of the market if you want. You can sit on the side lines in cash – just let me know when you are ready to get back in. And remember this, market recovery comes in spurts. It isn’t a straight ride up. It is jerky and erratic. But you have to be in the market to benefit when it is on the upswing.

You can follow the indexes like the Dow Jones or the S & P 500 over several decades. You will see that each decade had at least one major decline of 15% or more. While the markets fluctuated after the declines, the declines were often followed by meaningful recoveries. (There is no guarantee this will be repeated.)

So all this statistics is head knowledge. It can calm your nerves to an extent. Experiencing a few of the market swings helps carry you the distance.

I found my clients with more investment experience were calmer than ones who had only experienced the thriving 1990’s and limited recession of 2001-2003. Ones who survived the depression or the recession of the 1980’s had nerves of steel. The same response was coming from the money professionals. A young money manager said she was glad for the dinosaurs in their company who calmed the waters with their

May 20

Making Bank The Personal Finance Lessons They Never Taught Us in School

Making Bank: The Personal Finance Lessons They Never Taught Us in School, Claudio M. Ghipsmann, 2010, ISBN 9781934454398

This book attempts to distill a subject like personal-finance into small, easy to read pieces. The author speaks as someone who learned personal-finance the hard way.

The first thing a person should do is to purchase, or free download, some sort of money management software like QuickBooks. Get in the habit of entering all of your income, and all of your expenses. After that is done, you can start printing reports, like a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss, which will show you exactly where your money is going. Each month your expenses need to be less than your income. If that is not your situation, the sooner you start changing things, the better.

If you are thinking of getting into the investment world, have extra cash on hand, and pay off your credit cards first. Decide on your level of acceptable risk. Are you more interested in safe, conservative investments, or in high risk investments that could go through the roof, or crash and burn? There are, seemingly, 1 million places to invest, so research is needed ahead of time.

Paying off your credit cards, by itself, is a good way to put money in your pocket. Imagine a card with 20% interest, and you are carrying a $2000 balance. You are giving the credit card company $400 a year, for no reason. Pay off the card and that $400 will go in your pocket. Banks are getting rich on the everyday mistakes of their depositors. Use only your bank’s ATM, and you will save that one or two dollar fee each time. Sign up for online access to your bank account, and check it often. When

May 20

Kroger Personal Finance – Is Kroger Finance Right For You

Kroger Company is United States largest traditional grocery chain but Kroger personal finance is doing well in the field of money as well. It is also believed that it took the idea from UK’s Tesco as Tesco partnered with a renowned bank and started out in personal finance. Kroger groceries went Kroger personal finance by partnering with conventional banks and insurance companies.

Kroger personal finance offers pet insurance, home equity loans, personal finance, and customers can also apply for a mortgage, sign up for identity theft protection or get a credit card, life insurance, renters insurance, gift cards, specialty insurance and car and home insurance. One can purchase these offers for himself or give it to someone as a gift.

Pet insurance covers pet illness, accidents and routine visits and also boasts upon fast and easy claim process. Home equity loan is offered on fixed rate so the payments will not change. Kroger personal finance has tied up with major national credit reporting agencies so identity theft is reported immediately and not just that it promises a quick recovery as well.

Kroger personal finance deals in credit cards and rewards you with points on every purchase. These points can be availed later. This is to generate people traffic to its’ stores.

In addition to financial services, Kroger is also venturing into business with a range of product lines and services that fall outside the typical grocery store format to include financial lifestyle information to appeal to families, students and other consumer markets.

Kroger Marketplace stores also offer furniture, electronics, toys, house wares and lawn and garden products. The chain has also added gasoline pumps, health clinics and DVD rental machines at some locations. Kroger co. established in 1883 as a small grocery store has come a long way, and Kroger personal finance is leading the

May 17

Starting Emergency Funds – Personal Finance Basics

In my earlier post, I wrote about the importance of creating an emergency fund. Today, we’ll go through some of the quick tips I give many of my consulting clients when I teach them personal finance basics regarding starting an emergency fund. In this post I will discuss budgeting, goal setting, and automating your emergency fund.

Budgeting – The first step in creating your emergency fund is to create a well thought out budget that not just give you an idea of where you are with your finances, but lets you know how much money you’ll be allocating towards your budget. Budgeting is the most simple of lessons in personal finance basics and when you make a good one, you will discover areas you can cut back so you can put it towards your emergency fund or for different financial goals. You can look around google for many budget tools, or look at our resource link to our budget spreadsheet.

Goal Setting – Learning from other financial experts is a hobby of mine as a financial consultant. I do this to be certain I’m lending the best possible advice I can to my clients. All experts who teach personal finance basics (like how much money should be in an emergency fund), suggest 3 to six months income. I recommend a three-tiered goal setting system. Create a easy to achieve goal of $1,000. Because you’ll hit it quickly, you’ll be excited and more motivated to reach the bigger goals. The next goals are an middle range goal and finally, your big goal of 3 to 6 of net income.

Automating – An important step in the budget is to figure out how much money each month will go towards your emergency fund. Let’s pretend you can afford a monthly budget of

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