Jun 22

Ubs Deutsche Bank Said They Do Not Owe Taxes

According to UBS AG (UBSN) and Deutsche Bank AG (DBK), taxes over a 2003 compensation plan are not owed by them, which UK authorities argue that it was designed for avoiding millions of pounds in taxes and national insurance contribution on bonuses of employees. The appeal of these two banks is that separate rulings, in which they were found legally responsible for income and payroll taxes for bonuses which were paid to bankers in shares via an offshore trust in a dispute with UK revenue official four years ago. According to the documents which were revealed on 12th March after the petition of a news agency in court for their release, 49.6 million are owed by UBS on total bonus payments of 92 million pounds into the scheme.
Swift and decisive action to handle the tax avoidance is being taken by the UK government, as told by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne to parliament this month. It was told after authorities closed two tax loopholes which had been used by Barclays Plc (BARC). A harder approach is being sought by legislators for companies which hire lawyers and accountants for the purpose of cutting tax bills. It was declined by the banks and HMR that they will provide court documents to reports at a trial which ended last month. Papers were released both sides in which their arguments were outlined.
According to UBS and Deutsche Bank in the court documents, the income tax on the shares was not applicable on them because they were under restricted securities, which is why they were not eligible for contributions. Both the plans included setting up offshore vehicles which issued securities to staff members. The vehicles which are not in use anymore were invested in the securities of UBS and Deutsche Bank.

Jun 19

Advantages of Making Credit Card Payments Online

Making your credit card payments online is fast, effective and it will give you back more time in your day. More and more credit card companies are allowing their customers to pay their bills online. Not only is it convenient and more cost effective for the company but it is for the customers as well. Making your payments online has some excellent advantages. Here we take a closer look at the beneficial side of paying your credit card bill online (whether you have one or more than one).

Automatic billing can take the bite and the frustration out of paying your credit card bill. In this case you would set up your online credit card account in such a way that the payments would come out of your checking account every month. Keep in mind it is automatic which means that you choose the date on a monthly basis and you choose the amount that is to come out of your account. Automatic billing takes away the worry over late payments and it also means that you do not have to send a check to the credit card provider every time your bill is due.

Many credit card holders do not realize that the late fees that come with late payments can really add up fast and can end up finding their way onto your credit report. Future lenders who see that will view the late payments in a negative manner. It may impact your ability to obtain credit in the years to come.

Who does not want to save time and money all at once? The more credit cards you have the more money you will spend on envelopes and postage stamps on a yearly basis. For example you could save as much as $20 alone

Jun 19

The Secret Currency Technique That Banks Use To Make Billions

Dear Friend,

The currency markets are the backbone of global economy and the banks are riding it like a bucking bronco. The banks dont make their money from speculating or trading the currency markets they make their money from being the currency market. What I mean by the banks is being the market is that they will make money whether you win or lose on a trade. This happens because the banks make money from the pip spreads on the front end and are always in a hedged position when a currency transaction occurs. So it does not matter what the market ultimately the banks wins regardless. Well if the banks hedge there position to protect them selves, why dont we as traders do the same.

Everyone has heard the term for every action there is a reaction, and every negative has a positive, and what goes up must come down; you get the picture. Well the same applies for the currency markets we refer to it as hedging using negative correlations, or simply one pair goes up when the other pair goes down and vice versa. It is very important for any one involved in the forex market to understand this basic concept of risk management. This technique is used all the time by banks, and especially major international corporations that do business in other currency besides the dollar. This is simply a logical choice when you are trading multiple currency pairs to ensure that your trading account does not get depleted very rapidly.

Negative as well as positive correlations exist between all currency pairs and are susceptible to change based on the a variety of factors, and of course monetary policy in that country being one of if not the biggest influence. A trader should check the currency

Jun 17

The Beginnings to Personal Finance

Currently there are 4 main elements to Saving Money and personal finance generally. These elements comprise all that comes from finance professionally and personally. Understanding them is important to understanding personal finance. Not having them, individuals would not be able to correctly manage their money. Those four elements then combine to create the method to evaluate and manage an individuals financial picture.

The very first element which makes up personal finance is named income. Income is the cash that may be flowing into your bank account from an outside source. A career, business, retirement account, dividends, money from Aunt Sally are all examples of income. Earnings are what a person earns from some where else.

The following element to understand is named expenses. Money that flows away from your bank account to an outside source to repay a debt is considered a cost. Expenses come from bills, credit card payments, buying food, purchasing gas, renting a car, taking a vacation, etc. Whenever your money flows to a different person’s or companies coffer, it is an expense.

Once you combine Income and expenses, you have what is called an income statement. An income statement simply informs you what money that you are earning minus the money you happen to be losing in expenses. After subtracting both of them, it displays what funds are left at the conclusion from the specified period which the information was gathered.

The income statement only tells how much cash is flowing inside and outside of accounts as well as what it is flowing to. The following pair of definitions explains ownership.

Assets are valuables that maintain a degree of monetary worth. A property is considered an asset. Some old baseball cards in the attic that happen to be worth cash is

Jun 15

Bank Notes

Bank Notes

National Bank Notes make up the most plentiful and extensive series in the history of American paper currency. These notes were issued from 1863 through 1929, and were produced by literally thousands of individual banks through the United States and its territories.

The bank note series is so extensive that almost no collector could ever even hope to own a truly complete collection. Today, the most popular and practical way to collect these notes is to attain one note from each variety, issued by a wide-array of different banks. This will give you a collection with many, many different notes, with different denominations, different designs, artwork, portraits and with the names and locations of many different historic banks.

You could also choose to collect only notes from one specific region, state, city, or even one specific bank. Although, the more specific you become in your search, the more effort it will take, and the more money it will undoubtedly cost.

National Bank Notes came into being by passage of the National Banking Act of 1863, which was later expanded by the Act of June 3, 1864.

These National Bank Notes, although issued by individual banks, are nevertheless conventional United States paper money, meaning they were fully-negotiable, and were printed under the same conditions as regular U.S. Treasury issues by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing; the same source as all of todays U.S.-issue paper currency.

The primary designs of each issue of National Bank Notes are the same for all banks. The only differences are in the name of the issuing bank, the banks charter number (which appears on all bank notes issued after 1875), the bank officers signatures, and the coat of arms for the state in which the bank was located.

The Bank Note Series

Jun 11

Top Banks In Egypt

Egypt’s transformation into one of the emerging economic powerhouses of the twenty-first century has been powered by a combination of smart, reformist economic policies and the hard work and innovation of the private sector. To business leaders here, success is about more than just profits.

Egypt needs to create over 700,000 new jobs every single year, which will require average economic growth of 7% per annum,” says Hassan Abdalla, vice chairman and managing director of Arab African International Bank (AAIB), one of the nation’s leading private-sector financial institutions.

iven the depth of the Egyptian market, he stresses the need to broaden the financial system beyond banking to include other forms of financing such as private equity funds, consumer finance companies, especially mortgage finance, leasing and venture capital. Empowering SMEs is another crucial area for invigorating the financial system. To a considerable extent, these developments are in the process, but they need to have the proper regulations to have them work effectively. This is perceived as increasingly the role to be played by the private sector and NGOs with the government role tilting towards becoming the regulator.

Arab African International Bank is well-equipped to lead change in the Egyptian financial market. Abdalla is the CEO who leveraged the bank to become a forerunner in the Egyptian market in a record time. A visionary banker with a piercing insight partly attributed to his long experience in international financial markets in Europe and the U.S, a deep feel of the potentials of the local market and the inherent competitiveness of AAIB. “It is our deep knowledge of the market, our ability to move fast, our ability to face less risk in innovative ways, and to serve our clients with deep understanding of their needs”, he says.

Established as the first private sector bank in Egypt in 1964,

Jun 09

All Access Prepaid Credit Card – Review

The All Access Visa is a great choice for a prepaid credit card. This card will give you free direct deposit, free account alerts, free bill pay and many more.

This card offers guaranteed approval for everyone. It does not matter how bad your credit history is, or even if you have been placed into chex systems.

A great and unique benefit of this card is you can get a free savings account. This account will be FDIC insured and you will earn 5% APR on the account. This benefit was designed to help encourage savings.

Also you can have 3 additional cards issued to you for family members or friends. This can be a helpful tool to help teach your children financial responsibility.

You are allowed to transfer funds from one account to another account. For example instead of giving your child cash for their allowance you can simply transfer the money into their account.

This is ideal for students who still rely upon their parents for some financial assistance. Should you find yourself in a position where you need cash your card is accepted at over 1 million ATM locations.

As an added bonus you can receive free account alerts, via e-mail and text messaging. There is zero liability for unauthorized purchases with you All Access visa.

If you take advantage of free direct deposit and bill pay you can save money on check cashing fees and buying expensive money orders.

Your card can be used over the phone and online. It will be accepted everywhere visa is. You can even use your All Access Visa card to make hotel reservations and to rent a car.

Money can be deposited at western unions, retail locations and online using pay

Jun 09

Compare Various Credit Card Options In Uae As Per Your Requirement

UAE is a sole marketplace that is overloaded with the credit cards which surly matches all the requirements and demands of the customers. Well getting a genuine credit card is not that easy because a lot of companies are present who declare to offer great credit cards with numerous advantageous, but at the end they may cheat you to pay really very high. Therefore, it is very essential to compare the numerous credit cards which are available in UAE in order to assure that you get the best deal for yourself that matches all your needs and has low interest rates.

It is very essential to compare the various credit cards as there are loads of cards that are offered in the marketplace of Dubai but all of them might not be genuine. The significance of comparison should not be ignored at the time of expensive and any important shopping. When you compare the different types of credit cards that are offered to you, then you will get a chance to know the various features of the credit card. It gives you an idea of the various capabilities of the credit card that you hold in future whilst considering your expenditure habits.

There might be a lot of credit cards in UAE, which might be best for your friends or relatives by not very good for you. Your requirement may not match your relatives requirement. Thus, before applying for any credit card, it is very important to figure out your requirement.

Without doing a fully fledged comparison of the credit cards in the Dubai market, there might be a chance that you end up in a huge disaster and incur a huge financial loss. Thus, while you decide to get a credit card for yourself in Dubai,

Jun 09

Prevent Late and Missing Bill Payments by Setting Bill Priority and Using Multiple Bank Accounts

Paying your bills on time is extremely important because the penalties can range from minor to very severe. This means that you might be a charged a late fee, have your service suspended or in worse cases your account could be closed and the related products or services could be completely removed. Keep money in multiple checking accounts in the same or different banks so that you do not have late or missing bill payments. Group invoices by importance so that critical bills like mortgages are kept separate from less important expenses such as recreation. This ensures that you have peace of mind when you are late in making payments or experience a shortage in cash.

Set Bill Payment Priority

You contribute monthly payments for multiple services and products that you need. However, some are more important than others. Give them a higher priority when you put aside money each month. Some examples of critical or high priority bills are your rent/mortgage, auto insurance, health insurance, electricity and internet service. In addition you might also wish to include money for home maintenance or repairs. On the other hand, non-critical services are those that you still need but can live without for a month or two or use less money for. Mark them as lower priority bills and assign the funds last. Some examples of general expenses are grocery, clothing and shoes, supplies for recreation, entertainment like concerts and music, and cable service. Remember to include online services that you use such as Netflix or Hulu Plus for entertainment, Pandora One for music and Amazon Prime for buying and shipping your purchases.

Use Multiple Checking Accounts

After you set you bill payment priority then you can decide to open another checking account at you bank or go to different bank. Assign one for the critical

Jun 08

Personal Finance Software Options For Your Mac Computer

So you just got a new Mac huh? And now you’re trying to figure out how to make the transition from life as a Windows user to a new operating system. Finding the right personal finance software can be a challenge. If you were using Quicken on your old Windows computer, you’ve probably heard that there is a version of Quicken just for the Macintosh computer. Unfortunately, many of the features found in Windows Quicken. Also, using an emulator (letting you run Windows applications on a Mac) can get complicated and is prone to its own set of problems. So now what to do?
I suggest looking into Liquid Ledger. This personal finance software solution comes with a robust set of features which can help you track your money down to the last cent. The goal of any good money application is to let you see what you’re spending and what you’re bringing in. Once you determine this, you can make wiser choices about how to budget your money. Here are some features that Liquid Ledger offers:
* The program saves you time and energy by allowing you to automatically schedule regularly occurring payments. The software will alert you when the payment is due, keeping you from having to remember all those bills. You also have the peace of mind that forgetting a payment is a thing of the past.
* Create a budget, then compare how much you planned to spend against how much you actually spent. This lets you see your situation all during the month and find out why the money always seems to disappear.
* Liquid Ledger lets you create powerful reports that let you determine your net worth.
* If you’re a programmer (or even if you’re not), you can

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